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About LernCoaching

LernCoaching is a form of counselling that focuses on individual learning and aims to improve learning. The goal of LernCoaching is that you learn better, more efficiently and more successfully.

We focus on your personal goals and take into account your current, individual studying and life situation.

In LernCoaching, we consider learning as a process, to the success of which several factors are involved. In order to learn successfully, different components must work together. This is a bit like a car: in order for it to run smoothly, all engine parts must function, the fuel must be available, wheels, a driver, etc. If only one of these elements is missing or broken, the car can not drive properly. Studying is similar; you need several factors to be successful in learning.

LernCoaching can not be compared with tuition, where specific content is worked on. LernCoaching considers the learning process and helps you to improve and achieve your study goals. This in turn will benefit you in all subjects.

Who can profit from LernCoaching?

People who...

  • study a lot but aren't achieving the desired results

  • have difficulty concentrating

  • have trouble with motivation

  • are overwhelmed by the amount of learning material

  • have not been able to take part in school lessons for an extended period of time and need support to find the connection again

  • need assistance with the planning and organisation of their studying

  • often have anxiety or blackouts during examinations

  • do not have much confidence or have lost confidence in their own abilities

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