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Renato Nanni

If young people find out how to use their strengths and combine them with an efficient learning system, they will find back to the pleasure of learning and their curiosity will increase. 

Curiosity and pleasure are important factors to find inner motivation for an education that in many cases is going to go on for a few years. As a LernCoach I help young people to become aware of their talents, to train reasonable time management and to save knowledge in their long-term memories. 

My work as a LernCoach has purpose because I know from experience that young people are struggling not because they lack in talent, but because they don’t know where their talents lie and how they can profit from them. 

I was born in 1950 in Basel as the son of a French speaking mother and an Italien speaking father, where I also completed my whole school and studies. This explains my preference for the colours red/blue (colours of the Canton of Ticino and of FC Basel) and my affinity for foreign languages, which led to me studying French, Italian and English at the University of Basel.

I gave my first school lessons at the Benediktschule in 1972, followed by the Brunnmattschulhaus and the MNG Basel.

In April 1974, I took over as deputy for the Free Evangelical School (now Freies Gymnasium) in Basel, where I worked with a break until the summer of 2016.

Formed by various negative experiences during my own school and study time, I have always tried to make the lessons an experience for the learners; Stubborn doctrine and pointless cramming were taboo. For this, clear lines and instructions are as important as humour and openness.

That is why, until my retirement, I was always looking for new ideas to make the teaching more comprehensible, so that even the less talented students had their success stories. A good training place for this was LearnIn in Therwil and later in Reinach. The many excellent inputs from Beat Mayer, my boss, helped me a lot with my own lessons.

It was therefore natural that I took over the management of the FG Lernfit in 2005, where we helped the learner remedy the problems of teaching, improve their learning organisation and find new self-confidence. When it came to completing the school-based course for LernCoaching, I did not hesitate and took the chance to improve.

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