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«Learning is something that has fascinated me for a long time. Being a LernCoach gives me the opportunity to combine this fascination with the pleasure of working with young people.» 

Through my many years of experience as a teacher at different schools, I know that being successful at school has little to do with intelligence. What is more important is finding answers to the following questions: Why do I learn? How do I do it best and when? How do I deal with my weaknesses and how do I use my strengths? 
As a LernCoach I help students to find answers to these questions. The answers are the key to optimising their learning process and to be more successful. Witnessing their progress and success is what gives me the most pleasure in my work. 

I was born in Basel in 1979 and spent my childhood and youth in Münchenstein in the canton of Baselland.

My training path can be summarised roughly as follows:

  • Primary School, Progymnasium and Gymnasium in Münchenstein / BL

  • University of Basel: Study of German and Romance Studies (Lizentiatsabschluss 2006)

  • University of Applied Sciences FHNW: Education HLA (Höheres Lehramt), 2006-2007

  • University of Applied Sciences FHNW: CAS Lerncoaching, 2010-2012

Inspired by my father, a full-blown and first-rate teacher, I had already gathered my first experiences in the pedagogical field as a teenager, when I gave post-bachelor tuition in linguistic subjects. I greatly enjoyed this activity, and the direction of my professional career became clear: Teacher.

From then on I have always worked as a teacher. During my teaching education, I worked as a tutor at LearnIn in Reinach / BL, under the direction of Beat Mayer. Individual support was the first priority and I was very lucky to learn a lot from him. He was an excellent teacher, and some of his views on teaching and learning still characterise me.

The skills that I acquired in LearnIn helped me to gain access to the "real" teaching profession in 2004, when I was engaged as a French teacher at the "Freies Gymnasium Basel", during this time I also worked as a tutor in "Lernfit" under the direction of Renato Nanni. In this role, I was especially pleased to be able to accompany and support my pupils individually.

The training to be a LernCoach was the next step. It is precisely this individual support that has been my passion for so long. The CAS LernCoaching has once again encouraged me to invest more time in individual support and to take the step as a self-employed LernCoach.

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